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Since Metropolitan is a privately owned company all of our long distance moves are handled by our employees only from start to finish. Each client has their own truck for their belongings no matter what state they are headed to, and the same crew that picked up the goods locally will be delivering on the other end. The main advantages of this type of service are the following:

  • We can guarantee an exact delivery day within a window of 3 hours, as opposed to the majority of other companies that may only be able to give a 3 to 6 day window for delivery.
  • Since there are not multiple families on 1 truck you can rest assure there will be no mix-ups with you getting another families items or vice versa.
  • Most importantly, by having the same driver and movers that picked you up locally, you can be confident you have qualified people on the delivery as opposed to day labor help that a driver picked up in another state.








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