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Metropolitans' Guide to a Successful Self Packing Experience:

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  1. Start packing your home well in advance of the move, and break it up by packing a few cartons a day. Make sure you pack one room at a time.
  2. When selecting packing material for your goods, use only stable boxes that have covers.
  3. To avoid damage that results from unstable boxes, try and use mover provided cartons. Using moving boxes that are uniform size, not only avoids damage, but also allows your shipment to be loaded onto the truck more efficiently.
  4. Be sure to have plenty of filling material (plain wrapping paper, towels, newspaper) available when packing to ensure all contents in boxes are securely packed and will not shift during move.
  5. Always pack heavier items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top. A general rule on box size- the more an items weighs, the smaller the box.
  6. All boxes that contain fragile items should be marked appropriately in LARGE WRITING.
  7. If packing lamps or a vase, indicate with an arrow on the side of the box, which side is up or down. If you are packing a lamp remove the bulbs, harps, and shades and pack base separately.
  8. When packing books, make sure they are on their edge in a 1.5 carton and alternate bindings.
  9. Medicines – Make sure you have all appropriate medications with you personally so they are easily assessable in case of an emergency. Seal all caps with masking tape and pack upright in the cartons.
  10. Tools – drain all fuel from power tools, and make sure to reinforce the carton appropriately with tape.
  11. Paintings, Mirrors – these items are by far the most difficult and confusing to pack. If you have any valuable paintings that you don't feel comfortable packing, please call our sales team and we can discuss assisting you on moving day if necessary.



Metropolitan Material Price List:


Small Carton:


1.5 Cubic Feet

(Books, cds, papers, video games, dvds, canned goods, tools, desk items, etc)



Medium Carton:

3.0 Cubic Feet

(small lamps, pots, pans, toys, small kitchen appliances, dry foods, etc

Large Carton:

4.5 Cubic Feet

(Linens, Clothings, Bedding, shoes, lamp shades, wicker baskets, pillows


5.2 Cubic Feet

(This box is specifically designed to hold the breakable items in your home such as glass, china, crystal, stemware, lamp bases, etc

Wrapping Paper:

(Bundle of 25lbs)

Plain newsprint paper that should be used to wrap all breakable items and be used as filler in any boxes have gaps or space left over after packing.


(55 yards per roll)

The tape we sell is paper tape that is easily able to tear, but it as strong as any of the vinyl or masking tape you would buy at other stores.


Rental on Moving Day = free / Purchase

These large boxes come with a metal bar insert that is for all of your hanging clothes or coats in your closets. Normally we bring these boxes on moving day and assist our customers with this process, but you are able to request a delivery for the wardrobes ahead of the move.


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